Cost Control Voice

Cost Control Voice 1.0

Monitor your phone expenses with personalizable tariffs

Remember the good old teenage times when you could not get away from the phone? Treo Handhelds brings back the fun in calling, even though you might need it more for work than leasure.

But the basic problem is still the same: what do these calls cost you in the end? The answer to this question is Cost Control Voice for Palm OS.

Cost Control Voice keeps you up-to-date about all the calls you made with your Treo Handheld. And with the tip of your pen it will estimate these costs for you - just in time.

Cost Control Voice for Palm OS works in the background of your Treo Handheld. It tracks the time, duration and number of each call and it will calculate the cost for this call based upon your billing information.

The billing information supports most billing necessities like monthly fixed charge, minumum turnover, free minutes, customizable tariffs, peak-time, off-peak-time, free contigents, start for billing period and more.

And with the tap of your pen you can see the current statistic, look at the monthly overview or dive into a detailed report of every single connection.
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But there is even more to it:

  • See directly in the application launcher how many free minutes you have left this month!
  • See how much you have to pay after your carrier's rounding-up to the next minute
  • Organize your calls in up to 15 customizable tariffs
  • Self-learning system will automatically map phone numbers to the right tariff once the phone number is learned
  • Special handling for roaming calls
  • Treo optimized one-handed navigation
  • Graphical chart for monthly statistics
  • Compatible with every currency in the world

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Cost Control Voice


Cost Control Voice 1.0

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